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The goal of the Business Administration major is to foster competitive women professionals in business management who will lead the global economy. The program emphasizes with comprehensive thinking, practical skills, leadership, and ethical management. We educate students about local and global economic issues, and the changing international business environment. Students study not only academic theory, but also case studies, both of which are augmented by on the job training in collaboration with leading global companies.

1. Education Goal

The undergraduate major in Business Administration produces women business leaders who can succeed in the fast changing business world. There are three specific educational goals:

  1. To cultivate comprehensive decision making ability based on knowledge, insight and
    analytical abilities related to managerial issues.
  2. To cultivate abilities applicable to the modern business environment by developing
    professional knowledge of core business activities.
  3. To develop an understanding of economic and cultural environments at the local and global
    scales, thereby strengthening the global competitiveness of professional women business


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The graduate major in Business Administration produces women business leaders and researchers who contribute to state and world development, and who are in demand by global businesses and the academic world.

ESB produces research and education specialists and business executives by focusing on knowledge development and creativity. As the demands of female social and economic participation are increasing, we focus on cultivating top quality women business leaders.

We offer top quality faculty, state-of-the-art educational environment and equipment, an innovative education program. Our focus on management theory and application enables students to cultivate 1) a global business sense, 2) research ability, 3) professional creativity, and 4) comprehensive leadership in diverse business administration fields such as Production Management /Operations Research, Marketing, Finance, HR management & Strategy, Accounting, and MIS. Graduates work in financial organizations, general corporations, official organizations, mass communication organizations, and in corporate consulting.

대학원 꾸밈 이미지

1. Education Goal

We produce specialists who can have professional knowledge and problem solving capabilities. To attain this, we have three educational goals:

  1. To cultivate research capabilities that enable rational and accurate decision making.
  2. o cultivate creative thinking through the understanding and analysis of the corporate
    and social environments.
  3. To develop the practical ability to plan and accomplish effective business policy and
    strategy in various organizations and business environments.

2. Application Schedule

Application ScheduleTable for Application Schedule
Academic Programs Course Opening Application Period
  • Master’s
  • Doctorate
  • Combined Master’s and Doctorate
  • March for Spring Semester
  • September for Fall Semester
  • October~November for Spring Semester
  • April~May for Fall Semester

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